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  We have various items of stock available for you to buy. These include the following:

 »  Elastic adhesive strapping 2" and 3"
 »  Cohesive strapping 2" and 3"
 »  Zinc oxide tape 1" and 2"
 »  Poly-Sling
 »  Lumbar supports- elasticated velcro fastening
 »  Collars
 »  Neoprene supports for knees, thighs, ankles, back
 »  Neoprene shorts for groin/ upper thighs.
 »  Taping Combi-pack for proprioception/ postural taping
 »  Gym ball (Swiss balls)
 »  Thera-Band or Thera-tubing
 »  TENS machines for pain relief
 »  Aromatherapy oils
 »  Cervical Traction harness
 »  Biofreeze gel.
 »  CryoCuff container with knee, shoulder or ankle cuff
 »  Hot/Cold Gel packs in two sizes- simply leave in fridge/
     freezer or put in the microwave

More information regarding prices and / or rental hire to follow with pictures of our available stock.

Or contact us now for more information !


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